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Kiana Ng Yoga

Everyone has an intuition, even if they can’t sense it! It takes practice to fully tune in to your intuition. Below are a few ways to help get you started!

  1. Take more internal notice. Often we are receiving intuitive messages without realizing it because our focus is on our external world. By taking a minute to listen to your inner world can help open the doorways to your intuition.
  2. Clear your mind. Our intuition comes through best the less we’re thinking! So trying some meditation or breathing exercises can help create space for intuitive guidance to come through.
  3. Start small. Starting small with things like listening to your intuition on which direction to go or what leggings to buy is a great way to start to tap into and trust your intuition!

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Frog Pose


Kiana Ng Yoga


There are two different frog poses. The tutorial below talks about the pose that resembles frog splits. Frog pose gets into the inner thighs while working lateral hip mobility. Many find it extremely uncomfortable, but you can make it slightly more comfortable by reading below!

Alignment Principles

  • Start in table top
  • Take knees as far apart from each other as you can, keeping hips in line with knees
  • Make sure the ankles are in line with the knees, forming a 90 degree angle at the knee joint
  • Flex both feet with them pointing outwards
  • Come down to forearms or flat on stomach
  • To exit: slide hips forwards onto mat and bring the soles of the feet to touch, coming into a prone butterfly pose. Take a few breaths here and then press back into a wide legged child’s pose

Prep. Poses:

  • Sleeping Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)
  • Firelog (Agnistambhasana)
  • Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold (Upavistha Konasana)
  • Butterfly Pose (Baddha Konasana) – prone, supine and upright


  • Half Frog (lay on stomach, bring one leg up to frog position)
  • Place bolster or blocks underneath torso for more comfortability and support

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