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In this guided meditation, explore yourself deeply by asking questions regarding your past inspirations, current inspirations and more to help you understand the reasons behind your change in inspiration now!

The Gift Guide for Yogis



Kiana Ng Yoga

Stuck on what to get someone for Christmas? Not sure what to get an aspiring yogi? Below are some perfect gift ideas just for that!

  1. My Inner Fire – This clothing company is based out of Vancouver, BC that makes eco-friendly apparel. It has many designs to choose from!
  2. B Yoga Now – this mat company makes amazing mats where grip isn’t a problem! If you’re in search of a new mat, I highly recommend this one! Plus, you can use my discount code “AMB20KNG” to receive 20% off!
  3. Yoga Paws – This company makes hand and foot wear that works just like a mat! Designed to help you grip, as well as support your joints in your practice.
  4. Dharma Yoga Wheel – My favourite thing about using a yoga wheel is the back release and how much it helps with back bending! It’s also great for finding more strength and stability in your practice if you’re up for a challenge. Check out their site for some ideas!
  5. Infinity Strap – A great assist for your practice!
  6. Yoga Club Box – Get your yogi a subscription for yoga club box! You receive one box a month with different outfits every time all personalized to fit your style. With each box purchased, a yoga class is donated to a child in need.
  7. Bohemian Island – This company specializes in making harem pants in Thailand. Their pants are gorgeous and with each purchase, a portion goes to support the Soi Dog Foundation!

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TUTORIAL: Revolved Half Moon

Revolved Half Moon


Kiana Ng Yoga

Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana

Unlike half moon pose, revolved half moon has squared hips and is a twist through the abdomen, which helps release toxins while bringing you physical and mental focus.

Alignment Principles

  • Start in a lunge with your finger tips on the ground a few inches ahead of your front foot.
  • Push off your back leg to lift it up behind you to hip height so that you’re now balancing on the front foot.
  • Adjust your hands so that they’re right underneath your shoulders.
  • Hips are square; focus on dropping the hip of the lifted leg down to level them off and to point the foot straight down.
  • The lifted leg is active as you flex the foot and straighten the leg like you’re kicking through a wall.
  • Bottom leg is strong and stable.
  • Inhale to lengthen your spine forwards.
  • Exhale to twist in the direction of your standing leg, extending the top arm towards the sky. Use your core to twist, leaving your legs unchanging, and work at stacking shoulder over shoulder.
  • Gaze can move upwards towards the lifted hand.

Prep. Poses:

  • Crescent Lunge
  • Crescent Lunge with a prayer twist
  • Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)


  • Place hands on blocks if you have tight hamstrings.
  • Leave the lifted hand on your hip.
  • Float the bottom hand off the ground.
  • For an advanced variation, find a reverse bind with your arms around the standing leg.

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