K Movement App

A Yoga and Fitness App

Advance Your Practice

Join a live or self-paced program to dive deep and level up your practice.

Self-Paced Programs allow you to move through the program on your own time.

Live Programs allow you to practice live over zoom with Kiana and the rest of the program participants throughout the duration of the program where you’ll receive real-time feedback. You’ll also be included in the program group chat. New live programs launch every 1-2 months.

All programs range from 10 days to 4 weeks.

Available Across All Platforms!

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• Find your flow with your choice of 100’s of various classes that you can practice to anytime, anywhere

• Master skills and move up levels with progressive, step by step, level systems

• Advance your practice with programs

• Stay on track with your own customizable calendar

• Receive 1:1 feedback from Kiana when you connect with her through the chat feature

$25.99 / month

Find Your Flow

Choose from a library of 150+ flow classes of varying difficulty, styles, and lengths to practice along to anytime, anywhere.

Classes include:

• Yoga Flows

• Strength Flows

• Handstand Flows

• Mobility & Flexibility Flows

Or, book a live class to practice with the rest of the community over zoom.

Master Skills

Work through the skills library to master movements with Kiana’s progressive, step by step, level systems.

Use this library as a structured guide for mapping out your goals and practice. You can even check off skills as you master them to see your progress.

All skills include a multi-level system with each level consisting of an in-depth tutorial breaking down the skill.

New skills are always being added with a variety of levels available from beginner to advanced.

Stay On Track

Schedule in your classes into your very own customizable calendar!

You’ll be able plan, schedule, and view your movement routine to your preference.

You have the option to add, remove, or edit classes in your calendar. You also have the option to receive reminder notifications to make sure you stay on top of your practice.


Receive 1:1 Feedback

Chat with Kiana anytime to ask questions, receive feedback, or submit class and feature requests with the chat feature.

You’ll also be able to chat and connect with other members in the group chats created by Kiana for special offerings and live group programs.

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