Soul Sessions

Heal your emotional body and attract the life & self you desire.

What are soul sessions?

Soul sessions incorporate techniques of empowerment coaching and meditation to help you dive deep and heal emotional pain, repression, and blockages that are stored in your body.

When your emotions remain unhealed, they create energetic blocks, which in turn, manifest as blocks in other areas of your life such as your career, relationships, physical health, and more.

In my soul sessions, I help you get to the root of your problem and help you heal your emotional and energetic blockages so that you can attract the life and self you want to live with.

You’re in the right place if…

» You have an acute or chronic physical injury or illness

» You feel stuck in your progress in any area of your life

» You’re disconnected from your emotions

» You suffer from emotional baggage & burden

» You’re ready to start attracting and manifesting a healthier you and an abundant lifestyle

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In my soul sessions you will…

» Strengthen your emotional intelligence and awareness

» Develop techniques to manage your emotions

» Discover the root issue of your physical injury or illness

» Release, cleanse, and clear emotional and energetic blockages

» Practice meditation techniques to expand your self-awareness and help you understand your areas for growth

» Dive deeper into the root of who you are

» Raise your energetic and emotional frequency

If you’re ready to jump right in, choose from one of the available packages below…


This package is perfect for you if you already have one focused area in your life, or in yourself, that you know needs healing and you’re ready to take action.


This package is best for you if you’re looking to discover the next steps you need to take to start healing your life, or have a physical health blockage that you want to work through.


This package is meant for you if you’re committed to your healing journey and you’re ready to dive into deeper levels of growth and healing.

Pricing & Packages

Single sessions are also available for $150/session.

Client Love…

“When I first came to Kiana for coaching, I was trying to process issues stemming from childhood that were debilitating and preventing me from achieving success within several areas of my life.  I was looking for guidance on how to move forward productively. 

Within a few sessions, Kiana helped me identify and fully understand the dynamics of the situation, guided me in ways to actively process information, thoughts, feelings and emotions, and literally move forward to a space where I am creating a new life for myself. 

I have a level of confidence and clarity I’ve not enjoyed before as a result of facing some things I did not know how to do on my own.  I would highly recommend working with Kiana and feel confident, regardless of the complexity, one will come out having benefited from the experience.” 

– Shannon Hotchkiss, Raleigh, North Carolina

From Kiana Ng

My Truth

 My ultimate truth is to help you heal – mind, body & soul – through movement & meditation.

I believe in self-facilitation of your own growth and healing – both on and off your mat. That’s why I create an environment in my services where you’re asked to explore your edges so that you can expand and grow on all levels – mind, body & soul.

Emotional healing isn’t a comfortable process, but if you’re ready to set yourself free from emotional burden, I’d be honoured to work with you!

– K

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The best part: you can be from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a phone or the internet!

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