Kiana Ng Yoga

Our hips are where we tend to hold a lot of our emotions, including stress. Take some time today to allow yourself to release & let go with these hip openers. Hold each pose for either 5-8 breaths.

Pigeon Prep. Pose

  • Take back leg as far behind you as you can
  • Aim to keep hips squared forwards
  • Front shin at a 45 degree angle to front thigh


  • Bring front shin parallel to the top of the mat with flexed foot
  • Stay upright with shoulders stacked over hips
  • If hips are high, place block underneath front hip

Frog Pose

  • Take knees wide
  • Keep knees inline with hips & ankles inline with knees so that there‚Äôs a 90 degree angle at the knee
  • Flex both feet with toes pointing outwards, inside of the feet on the mat


  • Lower to elbows or stomach
  • Use bolster underneath hips/torso for support

Lizard Pose

  • Start in low lunge
  • Hips squared forwards
  • Bring hands to inside of front foot
  • Reach heart forwards, spine long
  • Hug front knee into shoulder


  • Lower to forearms or a block
  • Point front toes out 45 degrees and roll onto outside of foot (letting knee drop out to the side)
  • Take back foot in towards seat & reach around with arm closest to leg to hold top of back foot

Firelog Pose

  • Take one shin parallel to the top of the mat, foot flexed
  • Cross the other other shin on top with the foot flexed and slightly off the knee


  • Place block between top knee and bottom ankle
  • Leave bottom leg straight
  • If top knee is down, fold forwards

Cow Face Pose

  • Start seated with legs straight
  • Cross one knee over the other as you pull the same heel in and towards the opposite hip
  • Take the heel of the bottom leg in and towards the opposite hip so that both knees are stacked right in your midline
  • Take one arm up to pat the space between the shoulder blades
  • Take the other arm behind and up your back to meet the other hand


  • Leave bottom leg straight
  • Sit on a block
  • Use a strap or towel to help bind hands

Butterfly Pose

  • Bring the soles of the feet together
  • Let the knees drop out to form a diamond shape


  • Take feet close or far away
  • Hold onto the arches of the feet, the big toes, or slide forearms under shins
  • For tight hips, place blocks under knees

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