Kiana Ng Yoga

People change.


Situations change.

That’s a fact, not something you can control. But what you can control is how you respond to change in yourself, in others, and to situations around you.

A lot of the time change is reacted to with resistance. But why? What’s wrong with change? There tends to be a tendency towards resisting change because people like comfort and change brings about discomfort. Change can bring insecurity and a lack of assurance because it forces people into the unknown and out of their comfort zone.

But without change, there’s no growth or movement forwards. The immediate change that you come across might seem immediately negative, but every change leads into something better. So whatever your change situation is, give it space to manifest itself fully into your life so you can experience its gifts. Allow yourself to flow with the constant changes that exist in and around you. By accepting the forces of change, there’s ease and peace around the situation that you may have previously placed resistance on.

So this month, I ask you to build awareness in yourself and your responses to change. Let go of blame, shame, and resistance this month. Replace these with ACCEPTANCE!

With love,



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