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In the world of sports, many of us have heard that flexibility is important after a long and hard training session. However, not many people know why it’s good for you! Read below to find out how increasing your flexibility can help you.

  1. Flexibility decreases the chance of injury. By increasing your range of motion, it’s easier for your muscles and joints to adapt to movements without putting strain on them.
  2. Flexibility helps to reduce aches & pains. Because stretching involves relaxing the muscles, it counteracts the tightness that’s created in areas of the body from the activities you do throughout your day. For example, by stretching out, relaxing and opening up your hamstrings, quads and hip flexors, this will help to reduce lower back pain caused from constant sitting or stress.
  3. Flexibility improves posture. By stretching out the muscles, you can release tension from the areas of the body that are tight. To counter tightness, you need to lengthen out the muscles to re-open the body so that better posture is more easily achieved.
  4. Flexibility helps to decrease stress. Especially in yoga, stretching is linked to relaxation and letting go of any stressful experiences that happened throughout your day. Stress causes muscles to become really tight, often resulting in knots in the shoulders and back (which also leads to slouching posture). So by stretching out, you’re releasing any effects of stress that you’ve been holding in your body.

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