How To Meditate


Kiana Ng

Have you been wanting to start your meditation practice but aren’t sure how? Check out my guidelines below for how to meditate.

How To Meditate

Let me start with this… There’s not a right or a wrong way to meditate. Find what works best for you and practice it!

One of the main focuses of meditation is to clear the mind to find a complete state of presence. This is challenging for a lot of people so remember patience and self-compassion when you can only stop your mind for 1/2 a second! As with anything, the more you practice, the easier it will be.

Meditation is about re-training the mind. The mind is a great tool for productivity, creating, and planning. But it can also be destructive with harmful recurring thought loops. Through meditation, you’ll learn how to take back control over your mind rather than it controlling you.

To get started, here are some styles of meditation to choose from to start your meditation practice…

  • Silent or Breath Meditation – This is one of the hardest to do, in my opinion, as it requires a lot more concentration because your mind doesn’t have something else to focus on, nor does it have an external reminder to re-focus. But this is one of the techniques where you can really begin to learn a lot from. Plus, when you learn to appreciate silence, this type of meditation is golden.
  • Guided Meditation – Have someone guide you through the meditation. This is great when you’re first starting out and unsure what to do. There are youtube videos, or apps (I recommend Waking Up) with daily meditations for you to follow along with. If you’d like more personalized guided meditations, you can also book sessions with me here.
  • Visualization Meditation – This can also be in the form of guided meditation if you prefer. I love using visualizations when there’s a goal I’m trying to accomplish with it. For example, you might visualize how you want something to occur or manifest.
  • Contemplative Meditation – This type of meditation is great for when you have something that you’re seeking answers to. You might be reflecting on a specific question or creative solution. Practice focusing on your question or inquiry of focus.
  • Mantra Meditation – Practice repeating a mantra (affirmation) in between every inhale and exhale. Using the mantra as your point of focus.
  • Walking Meditation – I love meditating in nature. It’s very grounding and can be great to start with as well since it’s easier to focus your mind when you’re moving due to the creation of sensation through the senses.

Try one of these out tomorrow and get started on your meditation journey! I’m so excited for you.

If you’d like guidance through any of these styles of meditation, book a session with me here.

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