How To Show Up As Your Authentic Self In Any Situation


Kiana Ng

Showing up as your authentic self can be difficult. Especially because you were taught that who you are isn’t good enough, but I’m here to tell you that you are.

Society has a knack for teaching us that who we are isn’t good enough.

Society says:

“If you’re like this, you’re enough.”

“If you’re perfect, you’ll fit in.”

“Once you meet our guidelines, you’ll be happy.”

When, in reality, striving to be anything but yourself is draining and moves you in the opposite direction of happiness.

So how do you show up as your authentic self in any situation?

  1. Drop the self-judgement. Sure there might be others judging you, but more than half the time, it’s your own self-judgement over how you think you should be that blocks your light from shining. When you drop your own self-judgement, you can learn to replace it with self-love and self-acceptance.
  2. Remember that you’re your only barrier. The only person that’s stopping you from showing up as your authentic self, is yourself. Others may create challenge for you, but they don’t have the power to stop you from showing up in your truth.
  3. Always choose YES to showing up as your authentic self. In every moment, you have a choice: to show up as your authentic self, or not. Choose the former every time.
  4. Remember your self-worth. Here’s the truth: you’re enough. You were made the way you were because you have something uniquely great to offer this world. If you choose to dim it, you’re missing out on yourself.
  5. Love yourself more. Repeat to yourself, “I love you.” Every. Damn. Day. And especially in the moments when you’re feeling insecure, anxious, or fearful.

I hope that these tips will help you find the confidence to show up as your authentic self. It’s been a journey for me to practice these tips, and I hope that they give you the strength to shine your light fully.

If you want help building your confidence or re-connecting to your authentic self, book a coaching call with me here.

With love,

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