Client Reviews

Esther Krieski

“Working with Kiana 1:1 has given my handstand practice just what it needed.

I was practicing handstand and jumping up for many months, only being able to hold a few seconds here and there and my practice felt stagnant.

Once I started working with Kiana, I started seeing huge improvement with my hold time. She helped me to finesse my entrances, work on important drills, and even started my press journey! I am so grateful for our time together. I look forward to more sessions in the future!”

Nadine Sidhu

“I love Kiana’s instructional style! She is encouraging, challenging, smart, and most of all effective. Her laid back personality makes it feel like a friend teaching and guiding. As a yoga teacher, I’m always looking at ways to challenge my body. Kiana took my handstand training to the next level. After the first couple of weeks, I already felt an improvement!  I had experienced doing handstands in the past, but my practice was not focused and structured. I was stuck, lacking direction and needed a forward process. Her coaching taught me a good solid foundation that I now incorporate into my regular practice. I learned drills that increased my strength, alignment and confidence. I finally learned to stack my body and joints that allowed me to balance in space. It felt amazing!!!

I feel that I am learning about the complexities of handstands in ways that are making permanent changes to my movement and understanding of my body. These last few weeks have been so rewarding and I am stoked with the progress. I am excited to see where my training takes me in the weeks ahead. Not only am I personally benefiting but it has enhanced my yoga teaching as well. I love sharing the tips, tricks and drills with my students.

Her coaching inspired me to continue to explore and train in all the handstand variations! I am so grateful that I invested in her 1:1 training. I thank her for helping me with this personal challenge and would highly recommend Kiana to anyone who wants to reach their desired goals.”

Nazia Ali

“Prior to meeting Kiana, I was a mess. I was involved in a yoga teacher training and was treated poorly. I had lost all hope in every yoga instructor and in the yoga practice itself. 

When I met Kiana, that all changed. Kiana is different in an exceptional way. Regarding my consultation, she had this warm energy and addressed all of my concerns with care.

During our sessions, her explanations of alignment were so easy to understand and her tips were extremely useful. For example, my downward dog used to be incredibly uncomfortable so Kiana recommended that I keep my neck relaxed, that my elbows remain straight, and that I externally rotate my arms. Eventually, downward dog became easier. Another example of this was dancers pose. Breathing and holding poses were extremely difficult for me to hold at the same time so Kiana advised that I inhale to ‘create space’ and exhale to ‘go deeper’ into the pose. Each session was insightful and she pushed me to my full potential. Some days were tedious and when I would end up frustrated, she would encourage me to keep trying.  

What I love about Kiana is that she’s absolutely real and accessible. Most instructors will take your money and run but she puts in so much passion and love into her work.  

It took months of searching for an ideal instructor that could understand me and my struggles. I am proud to say that Kiana is someone I want to continue working with. She is an absolute gem and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to improve their practice.”

Kassym Dorsel

“I took Kiana’s 12 week program and suffice to say it was exactly what my yoga practice needed. I noticed improvements in my strength and flexibility within a few weeks, and that improvement continued on until the end.

From start to finish, Kiana perfectly customized the lessons and homework based on the skills and areas I wanted to work on. Kiana always knew the exact cues my body needed to get into and stay in poses.

Kiana’s energy is always positive, supportive and joyful. She was more excited about my successes than I was! All in all Kiana guided from zero handstand to near handstand throughout the program, and that was exactly what I wanted.”

Michael Pesin

“I have been taking one on one Yoga classes with Kiana for only 8 weeks and I have to say that I have made enormous strides in my practice….. Even in our first session together Kiana noticed the problems I was having with my forward folds and immediately told me about the need to place my body into an Anterior Pelvic Tilt. I am now able to easily touch my toes when doing a forward fold without rounding my back.

The yoga teachers who I have worked with over the past 2 years never noticed this.  The specific tips Kiana’s given me to improve my Downward Dog, Upward Dog, Chaturanga, and Warriors make me much more confident doing them. I am now able to do the vinyasa flow with great form and am having a great time practicing some of the advanced asanas such as Camel, Half Moon, Dancers, and Sugarcane based on the many specific feedback critique that she always gives me. 

I also thoroughly enjoy the way Kiana splits the classes into a flexibility and a yoga practice as without flexibility, yoga can be more challenging. Kiana’s pointers about the necessity of being aware of and maintaining the Ujjayi breath in a certain way was instrumental in me being able to hold poses for a longer time.

I’m looking forward to continuing on with my “Master Your Yoga” program with Kiana!”

Mike Reynders

“There were two reasons I chose Kiana as an instructor. One was to improve my physical health. I recently left active duty with a few injuries including sciatica, hip tendinitis, a bilateral knee injury, and a foot injury. I was determined not to give up my favorite sport of weightlifting and was willing to try anything and everything to gain back my abilities and overcome my injuries. Kiana helped me not only gain my mobility back but exceed what I thought I was capable of. She certainly believed in me far more than I did myself and pushed me to unforeseen abilities and confidence. 

The second reason I chose Kiana was to improve my mental health. Without going into too much detail I had read that yoga is often prescribed to people suffering from PTSD in order to bring mindfulness to the body as well as to thoughts and emotions. Kiana’s ability to spot areas that were tense on my body and needed relaxing, the breathing techniques that she taught me, and the guided meditations are something I have used and will continue to utilize and be mindful of going forward. 

Overall my expectations were greatly exceeded with Kiana. She was able and willing to work around my busy schedule even though we were hundreds of miles apart and in different timezones without the slightest hesitation. I highly recommend anyone from beginners to even the most advanced individuals to give her an opportunity to coach you. Kiana goes far beyond just yoga. You will not be disappointed!!!!”

Anthony Passarelli

“As a new person to yoga, Kiana is the yoga teacher I didn’t know I was looking for!

I happened to take one of Kiana’s classes at a studio near me and was instantly hooked. Kiana’s ability to mesh strength, balance and creative transitions into a yoga class always left me feeling recharged and motivated for the next one. I also enjoyed Kiana’s focus and passion for inversions and handstands, a passion that I think can be quite infectious; I know it was for me. After some time taking classes, I felt I would benefit from some focused instruction on transitions, certain poses and of course inversions and handstands!

I asked Kiana about her one-to-one program that she offers, and after a consult we decided to start; Kiana took the time to begin with a chat about what I would find most meaningful to focus on and created a customized plan with everything we discussed.

Our one-to-one sessions were invaluable; Kiana was able to correct and cue changes that I would never have otherwise noticed, and would not have been corrected in a class that does not allow for that level of attention. Kiana is patient, knowledgeable, approachable and encouraging which made me, as a complete beginner, feel comfortable and confident when trying new things. My handstands are still in progress but I know with Kiana’s ongoing support and guidance I will reach my goals.”

Joe El-Achhab

“I came to Kiana with specific needs… balance, flexibility, binds, and inversions. She took my needs and developed a program specific to me. She was very accurate in assessing my abilities and even gave me new things to try on a weekly basis.

Throughout the program she was able to assess my ability and know how to motivate and push me to my potential, providing critical tips and pointers that really ensure the poses you are performing are done properly. These tips and pointers are priceless, and allow you to maintain your pose or open yourself up 100% more than you thought you could. It is amazing to look back at where I was when I started the program and where I am today. 

Kiana’s program was done through video conferencing – making it extremely convenient, accommodating and accessible for myself. The picture and audio was clear and uninterrupted and the best part is that I can go back and watch the live session again because it’s all recorded.

Plus, I got to practice in the comfort of my own home!

Kiana has a great ability to develop a special relationship with her clients; helping them grow through yoga, meditation, and other movement techniques. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm shines through the program making it a very comfortable & trusting environment to be in.

I will most certainly be consulting Kiana in the future for more training and I would recommend anyone who is interested in taking their practice to the next level to give her a shot, I know they won’t be disappointed.”

Ming Manktelow

“The online sessions I had with Kiana were amazing! Imagine setting up a mat in your own private space and having a one on one session with no distractions! Plus, after Savasana, you can go straight to bed! Not having to drive to yoga was a definite treat. The one on one session is perfect for someone that wants to start yoga and is apprehensive of going to a studio to start, or someone that wants to focus on improving their yoga practice.

I love having someone give me feedback on alignment and whether or not I’m doing something right, which you don’t get from pre-recorded online videos. The sessions are personalized to what you want to focus on, and if your body isn’t doing what you want, Kiana can easily change the focus and adjust to what your body is feeling like. Kiana’s classes were structured where you work on the muscles/body alignment that lead to a ‘peak’ pose with the main focus being the journey and progression towards it.

I was coming back from a hip/back injury that resulted from too much work on my back. I had to refocus on core strength, and all of the movements she had me work on helped me focus on the right muscles to regain the comfort of doing certain poses again. I could also hear her voice in my head every time I practiced to engage the right muscles.

Another benefit was having the recording of the sessions for use afterwards. I was able to practice at home again in between sessions, along with my ‘homework’ (Asana Subscriptions)! The Asana Subscriptions are great because you can continue to work on engaging the right muscles to strengthen and work towards your goal.

I loved having these online sessions with Kiana to help compliment my practice in the privacy of my own space, and the personalized attention to guide me in my goals and keep focused.”

Nuray Sonmez

“I started my 12-week yoga routine with Kiana at a place in my life where I needed a change. I wasn’t happy with my lifestyle, and could not get into a healthy headspace. I felt off balance; feeling heavy emotions that I couldn’t understand or even want to understand.

I also had a goal to increase my overall flexibility. I’m 34 years old and have never been able to touch my toes! Well, I can now say that, I CAN TOUCH MY TOES! It was a fun way to assess my progress.

In the comfort of my own home, Kiana guided me via video call. The impressive point is that it felt like she was right next to me! She can see and hear me, as I could see and hear her as well; guiding me from the very basics of yoga to a more elevated level near the end. She taught me to focus, stay present, and how to remain mindful of my breathing during times that can disturb my inner peace.

Kiana was always so patient, and supportive despite my lack of yoga experience and knowledge. Her calm voice would guide me to a peaceful place on my mat; encouraging me to find my space and how I could achieve that.

What I appreciate the most from Kiana’s approach is that she catered every single session to me. At the beginning of every session she would ask me how I was feeling and if I had any areas that I wanted to work on, specifically. She was very thorough in assessing my health status prior to the 12 weeks; reviewing my history of injuries, level of activity, what my daily routines involve; she even brought to light how the way I sit at work has been impacting the rest of my body’s flexibility and stiffness.

Kiana has introduced me to tools I can use in my every day life to achieve a level of calmness regardless of what I am experiencing. My physical health has improved with my anxiety levels going down 80-90% since I started with Kiana. I actually feel the best I’ve ever felt and looked!

I’m so grateful to have met Kiana as she helped me achieve the goals I desired.”

Aeran Harris

“Kiana’s one of the most influential yoga teachers that I’ve been practicing with for a few years. She’s always challenging and motivating students to bring them to the best of their own abilities. Her energy is calm, but with strong, trustworthy leadership that gets you through challenging asanas. I never thought that I would be able to do handstands or arm balancing poses until I met her. She helps me build confidence and she pushes me through to stay motivated.

I hope you find Kiana on your own journey!”

Brad Toal

“You don’t have to be a yogi to go to Kiana’s classes. You can be a body builder like me and still get your yoga on.

I’ve been training for over 11 years and had never done any kind of yoga before. I’m a body builder with a shoulder injury and I was looking for alternate ways to train. I discovered that my gym offered yoga, so I decided to give it a go.

I went to the beginner classes that were offered, and I was discouraged. I didn’t know any poses at all, and the teacher didn’t really explain them or even demonstrate. I had to just watch the other people in the class. 

The second class I went to was the same thing. I was about to throw in the towel because I felt way in over my head.

After a few months, I was feeling good and went to an intermediate class. Well, I messed up the schedule and the next thing I knew I was on my mat in an advanced class with Kiana at the front. I thought I was in for it, but I felt way more comfortable in this class than any other class before.

Kiana demonstrates the poses, and gives options suitable for all levels. I was hooked at this point; a teacher that explains and shows us what to do. 

Since then, I’ve done yoga with Kiana on a week to week basis. Now I feel like I can yoga with the best of them (ok, almost).

Kiana breaks down poses in a way that makes it easy for people to understand. She also helps you find the correct alignment of a pose with 1-on-1 instruction.

I would recommend her classes to anyone and everyone.”

Lori Visconti

“When I started taking Kiana’s classes, I’d been practicing yoga for several years. What I didn’t realize was that I was stuck in my yoga practice. I wasn’t willing to allow myself to play and explore new things. Kiana allowed me to find that part of my practice that I was missing. Instead of saying you can’t do it, she motivated me to keep trying new things. I thoroughly enjoy practicing with Kiana and have found that my practice has grown.

If you haven’t tried one of Kiana’s classes, I would strongly recommend that you try one and you’ll be hooked.”

Spenser Chapple

“Kiana’s teaching has transformed my yoga practice for the better. She clearly directs my awareness so that I appreciate the purpose of each asana and have a stronger connection with my body and the movement. Kiana encourages you to be curious and explore postures. The lessons I’ve done were intense, the work goes deep and stays in the body long after class is over! There are many “ah-ha” moments as Kiana brings unique elements to her teaching always patiently taking each lesson step by step.”

Rovena Hajderi

“Kiana works to figure you and your practice out personally, and assists you in improving in areas that you need to focus on. During the time I’ve practiced with her, I’ve noticed that I’ve built more strength. I’ve also honed my flexibility, which combined with strength, brings the practice of yoga to a different level. Sometimes it can take years to get a pose right, but I’ve discovered that, with Kiana, one thing is for sure… if you follow Kiana’s instructions you will get there sooner rather than later.
Kiana’s classes are always so versatile, which makes them addicting & engaging. They always have a focus that can take you into new depths of your practice, whether it’s a peak pose or another intention. Every time you practice with Kiana, she will make sure that you aim for the best that your body, mind, and soul are capable of doing.
Not only that, but Kiana is knowledgeable yet humble, friendly, and personable. I can say from personal experience that once you get led by Kiana, you’ll leave all of your stress at the door.

Cameron Vanderschaaf

“Every time I take Kiana’s class, I feel spoiled. It’s very rare that I find an instructor that can deliver like her.

She’s become my Gold Standard. Her classes are well thought out, and elegantly combine movement and flow that serve a purpose. It’s why she has so much impact in her teachings and keeps me coming back
for more.”

Telma Fletcher

“I have been physically active since University with a lot of time spent in gyms, weight training
and teaching spinning. Yoga has always been something I’ve meant to add to my fitnss routine
but never quite made time for seriously until this past year.

After a few injuries resulting in chronic joint and low back pain, I finally decided to incorporate
more flexibility training into my fitness structure. But I never realized it would become so much
more than just another physical milestone.

I am still a beginner yogi with only about 9 months of practice, but absolutley love yoga and
have been really inspired by Kiana. Her teaching style is always supportive and encouraging
and she is an engaging instructor focused on individual growth and development. Her unique
classes are also a lot of fun with some great music and energy.

Kiana’s yoga classes encourage me to look forward to every pose, every breath and every part
of my day. It’s made me feel more confident, and although I have a long way to go, more
positive about my health and my body. And I have experienced huge benefits with my flexibility
practice already.

It’s also been a great thing to bond over with my teenage daughter – who also loves Kiana’s
classes and takes them regularly with me. This has been an amazing experience for me and I
feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to participate in this journey with her.”


“Recently, I took private classes with Kiana. Observing my practice, she identified a few areas for improvement and, together, we set the appropriate objectives. Her awareness and attention to detail was most evident in this one on one setting. The “adjustments”, where necessary, were provided with a thoughtful explanation helping me to better understand my capabilities. Kiana is a truly skilled practitioner and I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this opportunity.”


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