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What Is Meditation?

I see meditation as quieting the mind and allowing yourself to be completely absorbed in the moment. It’s about bringing all of your attention & awareness into the present moment to allow beauty to emerge from the space that your presence creates. It involves an opening up of yourself as you dive into your internal world to encourage self-healing and understanding.

Why Is Meditation So Good For You?

  1. Decreases: anxiety, stress, tension, high blood pressure
  2. Improves: concentration, clarity, communication, rejuvenation, relaxation, immune system, mood and behaviour by increasing serotonin levels, energy levels, emotional stability, creativity, happiness, intuition, focus, general health, confidence, mental strength

Getting Started

  1. Start small. Starting out with 2-5 minutes is a great starting point! You can gradually increase the time you spend meditating as you get more comfortable.
  2. Breathe. When you find your mind wandering, gently bring it back to the present by focusing on your breathing (or other form of meditation).
  3. Don’t stress. There’s no such thing as “doing it right” in meditation. Meditation is an ongoing practice for you to constantly learn and retrain your mind! As long as you have an intention to move into the present and actively work with that intention, that is meditating – no matter how many thoughts might flutter by!
  4. Drop expectations. A lot of people focus on reaching a certain point in meditation that they forget to appreciate and accept where they’re at right now because focusing on that future end goal. There are no goals in meditation except to move into the present fully!
  5. Do a body scan. This will help you move into the present and into your body by bringing your attention to a tangible area of focus, readying your mind for stillness.

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