My Favourite Technique To Move On and Let Go


Kiana Ng

Letting go and moving on is a process that takes courage to peel back the emotional layers of hurt, anger & grief. Below is one my favourite ways to move on and let go.

Let’s talk about the burn ritual.

The Burn Ritual is my favourite way to move on and let go.

So how does it work?

First, grab a piece of pen & paper, or your favourite journal.

Next, write out a letter to anyone involved in the situation you’re trying to let go of. This is your time to let it all out. Don’t hold back. Your letter(s) might be 1 page, or they might be 10. The point of this part is to let out any buried emotion that hasn’t been expressed yet. Make sure you’re in your own sacred space while you do this so that you’re not interrupted or rushing the process.

Once your letters are done, it’s time to burn them.

When you’re ready to burn your letters, make it ritualistic so that it feels like an act of moving on and letting go, rather than just burning paper. Set the intention that by burning these letters, you’re letting the past go. Ask the universe (or any God you believe in) to help cleanse you of the past. If it feels right to you, re-read each letter before you burn it.

Once all of your letters are burned, sit with the ending for a while. If you’re outside (which I encourage), connect to the earth and let it cleanse and wash you anew. Several loud exhales may be required. Or a big cry. Take your time here. It’s important to feel the ending.

When you’re ready to move on with the rest of your day, I encourage you to spend it alone with gentle acts of self-care so that you can sit in the neutral zone that comes right before a new beginning.

Be kind to yourself through this process.

With love,

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