How your emotions, intuition, and the process of creating are all connected
Soul Talks

Soul Talks: Episode 50

In this episode, I start off with a quick recap on what I’ve been working on and through over the past few months. Then, I share my own creative process and how it’s changed based on what I’ve learned about the relationship between creating, serving with purpose, emotions, and intuition. I talk about how you can use your own emotions and intuition to create and make decisions. Plus, I share with you my newest creation that’s stemmed from everything I talk about in this episode!


[2:15] – My creative process, how it’s changed, and how you can use what I’ve learned to fuel your own creative process

[2:35] – The difference between creating from a place of “SHOULD” vs. “WANT”

[11:48] – How you can use your emotions and intuition to guide any decision making process


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