Stand Your Ground and Take No Shit


Kiana Ng

As women, it’s harder for us to stand our ground and take no shit.

Why is this harder for women?

Because, ancestrally, women were taught that they should be quiet, kind, and always giving. Women were taught that men have the power and that their voices don’t matter.

NEWSFLASH! It’s 2019 and women are speaking up like never before.

Women are learning that their voices matter and that it’s ok for them to stand their ground and take no shit when they need to. Women are coming back into their power.

Have you struggled with being able to stand your ground?

Here are a few reminders for you to remember when you need to stand up for yourself:

  1. Remember that your ancestors were taught that you aren’t allowed to speak up or stand up. This pattern has be brought down through generations, but you have the power to change this pattern any time.
  2. Your voice matters.
  3. Know your worth.
  4. You know your boundaries. Choose to honour them.
  5. Drop the guilt. Drop the shame.

If you need guidance on finding your voice, book a coaching call with me here.

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