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For the yogis who love to bring their practice to the water during the warm months, here are a few must-haves for SUPing in the summer (and winter)!

  1. SUP Board – This is probably the hardest decision you’ll have to make. There are lots of boards out there that vary from style to weight to level. If you like paddling as well as doing yoga on your board, investing in a multi-purpose board is a must. If you plan to just do yoga on your board, then finding a board that is steadier and meant for yoga is the way to go. Blu Wave has multiple styles of boards, including racing and surfing boards. I recommend the iSUP 10.10 – it’s great for SUP paddling and yoga, plus it’s transportable as it’s an inflatable!
  2. Leash – Nothing sucks more than falling of your board and finding it floating away from you once you resurface. Leashes keep you connected to your board.
  3. PFD with whistle – This is a requirement. The law requires you to have this with you when you go SUPing!
  4. Paddle – You’ll also need one of these… Getting yourself an adjustable carbon paddle is recommended.
  5. Wet Suit – This is a good idea to have, especially if you plan on going SUPing when the air isn’t the warmest (or the water for that matter).
  6. Rash Guard – These are great for when there’s a lot of wind in the air, making it on the chilly side.
  7. Waterproof Leggings, Shorts or Top – If you like having layers over your swim suit, I recommend getting some of these… Mahiku Activewear has great leggings and tops for this!

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