My Favourite Meditation To Re-Connect To Myself

My Favourite Meditation To Re-Connect To Myself

My Favourite Meditation to Re-Connect to Myself


Kiana Ng

Sometimes, I need a reminder of who I am when I’m feeling lost or disconnected. If you’re confused about who you are, try out my favourite meditation to re-connect to myself below.

Either have someone read out this meditation for you, or record yourself reading it.

“Sit in a comfortable position and start by taking a few deep breaths.

Use these breaths to drop down into your body, releasing any mental chatter.

As you drop down into your body further and further, place your hands on the part of your body that represents who you are.

Breathe into that space.

Staying connected to that space, start to bring to mind the happiest memory you have of yourself.

Visualize & hold it in your mind.

Notice how you felt in this memory & describe it to yourself. How would you describe this person in your memory? How did she feel in those moments?

Your happiest moments represent who you truly are.

Whenever you lose yourself, come back to your happiest memories and remember who you were in those moments.

Take a few more breaths and a few more moments re-visiting your happiest memory.

Feel yourself re-connect to your authenticity, letting that bring you peace.

Feel the place where your palms rest and acknowledge that this is where your true self lies.

When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.”

Now is a good time to write down all the adjectives and emotions you used to describe yourself in those memories. Write them down somewhere that you can always come back to whenever you need a reminder of yourself.

Who are you, really? Share it with me in the comments.

If you’d like to practice 1-on-1 guided meditations with me, I would love to be your guide. For more info, click here.

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