Yoga: Hot vs. Not

Yoga: Hot vs. Not

Yoga: Hot vs. Not


Kiana Ng

What’s the difference between hot yoga vs. non-hot yoga?

    Both styles of yoga have their own benefits, and sometimes it just comes down to personal preference.The main benefit of hot yoga is that it makes the muscles and joints feel looser so that you can do deeper into any pose. The downfall of this is that there can be a tendency to over-stretch.
    Hot yoga is also known to increase the illusion of the workout-feel. In my opinion, both temperatures of yoga can work you just as hard!
    Non-hot yoga is more natural for the body as it relies on itself to create warmth and heat. There may be a stronger concentration on the breath to incorporate this element as well.
    Both styles offer similar benefits too, including reduced stress levels, increased energy levels, improved strength & flexibility, and more.
    Overall, I think that it comes down to your personal preference and what feels best in your body.
    Which style of yoga do you prefer to practice in? Share it in the comments!
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