Goal Setting 101

Goal Setting 101

Goal Setting 101

Kiana Ng

This is your introduction to goal setting 101.

Goal setting is more than just having an idea or writing an intention down. They’re about taking action towards achieving your dreams, goals, and desires.

To increase the likelihood of achieving your goals, the stronger you set your foundation (plan, specifics of the goal, etc.), the higher chances you have of completing it because you have more clarity and direction.

Below is a process that you can use to create structured goals that will give you a higher chance of being able to achieve them using the S.M.A.R.T. method. When creating a goal, use this method as a checklist and guideline.

S = Specific

Goals that are specific have a much greater chance of being achieved. To make your goal specific, answer the 5 W’s:

  • When do I want to achieve this goal by?
  • Where will this goal take place?
  • Why do I want to achieve this goal?
  • Who’s involved in this goal?
  • What exactly do I want to achieve?


Generic goal – I want to make 6 figures.

Specific goal – I want to make $100,000/year from my online business by September 2023 so that I can be financially free.

M = Measurable

In order to know if you’re making progress towards your goal, you must have a way of tracking it. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How will I monitor my progress?
  • How many/much?

Example: I want to make $100,000/year from my online business by September 2023 so that I can be financially free. I will aim to sign on 5 new clients every month.

A = Achievable

This point gives you an idea of what you need to achieve the goal. You can ask yourself:

  • What resources do I need to make my goal happen?
  • Do I have these resources? If not, what do I need to do to get them?
  • Have others achieved this goal?

R = Realistic

Based on the resources required for your goal, can this goal be accomplished realistically based on your current situation? Can you really commit to achieving this goal?

T = Timely

Setting time limits or deadlines on your macro and micro goals is super important to keep you on track! Set yourself up with these questions:

Does my goal have a time limit or deadline? Or by when do I want to achieve my goal?

You can use those questions for the main goal, as well as all of the micro goals that lead up to it. When you get to this point, mark down a date that you want to accomplish each goal by, put it in your calendar, and go do it!

If you’d like help creating a detailed plan for your goals, book a coaching session with me so that we can create a clearly focused plan to help you achieve your dreams. Click here.

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