Reveal Your Top Strengths

Reveal Your Top Strengths

Reveal Your Top Strengths


Kiana Ng

Revealing your top strengths can set you up to win everyday. They’ll help you show up to your life with more confidence and authenticity. Not sure what your top strengths are? Read below to reveal your top strengths now!

You have your own set of strengths, skills & attributes – just like everyone else. The problem is that you were taught that the things that make you unique aren’t enough. If you’re unsure of what your strengths are, it’s likely because you’ve either 1. buried them, or 2. have never been told that these are your strong spots!

The methods below will help you reveal your top strengths so that you can place them into the light and apply them to all elements of your life!

How To Reveal Your Top Strengths

  • Ask the people closest to you – If there’s anyone who knows you best, it’s those you spend the most of your time with! From friends to family to coworkers, ask 25 people what they think your top 3 greatest strengths are. See what comes back to you. The top 3 most common answers are your top strengths!
  • Reflect on the areas of your life where you excel – The areas of your life where you excel are likely doing so well because your strengths are at play. So take a moment to reflect on the areas of your life that you are joyful about and/or the areas of your life that are excelling. How do you show up in these areas of your life? What do you bring to the table that you don’t bring in the areas of your life that aren’t doing so well?
  • Take the Clifton strengths test – If you want a more detailed report of your strengths, the Clifton strengths test is a great place to start! It’s available here for a small fee. It will give you a detailed report of your top 5 strengths and how you might implement them into your life.

Once you’ve revealed your top strengths, reflect on the areas of your life that could benefit by you bringing them to the table and showing up with them everyday. Share in the comments below your top strengths & how you’re going to show up with them everyday!


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