Who Am I? A Technique to Discover Your True Self

Who Am I? A Technique to Discover Your True Self

Who Am I?A Technique to Discover Your True Self


Kiana Ng

“Who Am I?” The question we all ask…

Self-identity is the one thing many of us yearn for. No one likes to feel lost & everyone likes to have a strong sense of clarity in who they are and direction in what they want. The technique below is designed to help you inquire about the truth of who you are to help you connect to your true, authentic self.

When you have an understanding of who you are, it’s a lot easier to make sound choices and decisions because you’ll know what’s good for you and what isn’t. Having a strong sense of self creates a strong sense of direction.


Who Am I? A Technique

Take a comfortable seated position with both hands resting on the area of your body that holds your true self. Notice how your hands rest on your heart or belly because you are not your mind, nor are you your body.

Take a few deep breaths. Feel the place under your hands rise and fall with every breath.

Feel yourself coming to a place of ease, of stillness, of silence.

Continue to ground deeper and deeper into your true self, with every inhale and exhale.

Start to repeat the question: “Who am I?” at the end of every inhale. And at the end of every exhale, answer with: “I am…” Fill in the blank.

Who are you when the world is quiet? Who are you underneath all of the self-limiting beliefs and labels? Who are you when you were most happiest in your life?

Continue to repeat this pattern of breath-question until you reach a still point where you feel so connected to yourself that a joy starts to spread from an inner knowing of who you are. This inner wisdom is the place that you can always come back to when you’re feeling lost and unsure. In these moments, take a few deep breaths & remind yourself of who you are.

The truth is that your true self isn’t ever too far, you’ve just got to work past the layers that have built up overtime and blocked your sight of it.

Comment below with your truth. Who are you?

With love,

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Do you want to discover your true self & live authentically?

Use This List of Values to Find Your Words To Live By

Use This List of Values to Find Your Words To Live By

Find Your Words To Live By With This List of Values


Kiana Ng

When you know your values or your words to live by, it becomes a lot easier to make choices and decisions because you know your end goal. You’re able to guide your actions by how you want to live & feel.

Below, I have a list of values. Your values determine how you want to live. When you have a clear understanding of how you want to live, you can easily make choices that reflect that.

This list was taken straight out of my 3 Techniques to Ignite Your True Power & Step Into Your Light worksheet available here.



Define Your Values

Here’s what you do:

  1. Circle all of the words that strike a chord with you, even if you don’t know why. Circle any of the words that pop out to you.
  2. Star your top 10.
  3. Highlight your top 5.

Easier said than done right? It was SO hard for me to narrow down what my top 5 values are! The great thing about this is that you can do this for every area of your life; family, friends, relationships, career, personal, etc.

Write down your values somewhere that you’ll always see them. A great way to do this is place a sticky note of your values on your mirror so that you can remind yourself every morning how you want to live your day, or you can set a reminder on your phone!

Drop a comment below and share with me what YOUR top 5 values are!

Here are my top 5 personal values or words to live by: authentic expression, connection, independence, contribution, soulful dynamics.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into finding more clarity in who you are & direction in what you want, click here for my free 3 Techniques to Ignite Your True Power & Step Into Your Lightwhere you’ll receive a yoga class designed to connect you to who you are at your centre, plus a video and worksheet with action steps to help guide towards living a more powerful & confident life inside and out!

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