How To Know If Yoga Teacher Training Is Right For You

How To Know If Yoga Teacher Training Is Right For You

How To Know If Yoga Teacher Training Is Right For You


Kiana Ng

Are you thinking about taking your yoga teacher training, but aren’t sure how to go about picking one or if it’s right for you?

Taking your yoga teacher training can be a big decision because it is a big commitment (but so worth it!). As with any big decision, self doubt & fear always tends to creep up. So, as you keep reading, I’m going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions I hear from my students regarding yoga teacher training, as well as other elements that you want to consider before signing up to just any yoga teacher training.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common questions that I hear come up from students who are on the fence about it are: Am I experienced or good enough to take my yoga teacher training? What if I don’t want to teach, but want to dive deeper into my practice? Do you think I’m ready? Is this the right fit for me?

Let me tell you this… You do not have to be some next level, kick ass yogi to take a yoga teacher training! Most yoga teacher training’s are open to ALL levels. The purpose of a yoga teacher training is to help you dive deeper into your personal practice, as well as prepare you for how you can share this beautiful practice with the world.

So, what if you don’t actually want to teach after the training? No problem! You don’t have to want to drop everything and make teaching yoga your full time job to take your yoga teacher training. I have LOADS of students who take a training just for them! Yes, most yoga teacher trainings will give you the tools to teach yoga, but how you apply that in the real world is up to you. What if you decide to teach a yoga class for a fundraiser? What about teaching a yoga class to your friends + family, or at your place of work? What about those one off moments when you decide that you want to teach a yoga class? You’ll never know when you might want or need these skills.

How do I know if I’m ready for a yoga teacher training? Now, this is entirely up to you… But here’s my two cents: If you’re already considering taking a yoga teacher training and you’re feeling a pull towards it, then you’re ready. If the only thing holding you back is self-doubt & fear, you’re ready. The only thing stopping you is yourself! If you’re in this situation, ask yourself: Do I truly want this? If my fear & insecurities weren’t around, how would my decision change? If I was courageous enough, would I say yes to a yoga teacher training? If it’s a YES to any of these questions, it’s time to make the jump and then commit to yourself that you’ll do everything in your power to make this the best decision you’ve ever made!


Things To Consider Before Choosing Just Any Yoga Teacher Training

You want to make sure that the yoga teacher training you sign up for is the right fit for you and your goals. Here are some elements to consider:

The Teachers Involved

Usually, the first yoga teacher training that you’ll take is a 200-hr training. Imagine spending that much time with a teacher you don’t vibe with! Before signing up for a training, attend the teachers classes and make sure you like their personality & teaching style. Chat with them after class and get to know them a bit. Ask them any questions that you might want to know!

Training Elements

It’s important to make sure that the training you decide on will have you feeling ready to teach by the time you come out of it. You have no idea how many times I’ve heard teachers come out of their training and talk about how they don’t feel ready to teach because their training lacked crucial elements! Here are the main elements that you want to make sure are included in your training, especially if you plan on teaching after:

  • In-Class Practical Teaching Time
  • Hands-On Adjustments & Assists
  • How To Sequence & Design A Full 60 Minute Class
  • Proper Asana Alignment


What’s the commitment of the training? What’s the schedule? Some studios offer intensives (every day for 2-4 weeks) and others offer more spread out options (weekends with one evening a week, every other weekend, etc.). Make sure you choose a training that aligns with your schedule where you can actually see yourself being able to commit to staying on top of the training.

So as you can see, there are lots of things to consider before just jumping right into a training! If you have any others fears, questions, or concerns, drop them in the comments!

If you’re ready to dive into a yoga teacher training, myself & a handful of other amazing teachers will be leading a 200-hr yoga teacher training at NU Yoga Studio in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. This training incorporates all of the above elements I discussed. If this is something that interests you, you can learn more here or come out to any of our info nights on the last Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm right up until the start date of February 2020!

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