What’s Your Life Balance?


Kiana Ng

Do you crave balance in your life? Are some areas of your life needing a little more love?

I’m super sensitive to when my scales tip (#libra) & taking some time to level out my life helps reduce my stress levels & it increases my energy.

If you’re feeling off balance, here’s a quick “quiz” that you can do to reflect on your life, where it’s off balance, and where you need to implement more or less time & energy into your life.

Start off by writing out the following categories in your journal:


Next to each category, answer the following question: In percentage, how much energy are you giving to this area of your life?

That’s it! Once you’ve done this for each category, you’ll have a better picture of where your energy is flowing in your life. Now you know where you’re giving more & giving less.

Sometimes perfect harmony isn’t possible, but the real question is: Are you happy with your life balance the way it is right now? Do you feel drained or energized in your current way of life? If either of your answers are nothen where do you need to give more or less so that you are fulfilled & energized?

Share with me 3 action steps you’re going to take right now to balance out your life so that you can live the way you want to live! Drop them in the comments below.

With love,

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