The #1 Lie We Tell Ourselves


Kiana Ng

So many of us lean into denial when we’re placed in uncomfortable situations that involve having to make a decision. We avoid the truth.

It’s so much easier to avoid the truth, to deny what’s actually happening, and to tell ourselves that everything is okay when it’s not.

And that’s the #1 lie we tell ourselves; that everything is okay when it’s not.

Jumping into denial over a truth is so much easier than facing a hard truth head on because as soon as you face the truth, it means that you have to feel the pain it brings. Shining the light on a hard truth means that change is coming, that something might have to end, and usually, it’s something that you’re not ready for.

It might be that you’re afraid to admit to yourself that you’re no longer happy with your way of life, that your significant other is mistreating you, or that your boss is harassing you. Maybe you’re in denial over a death, a break up, or a significant loss.

Whatever it may be that’s triggering your denial, you tell yourself that everything is okay because that means you can stay in a comfortable place for a little while longer. It means that you don’t have to face your fears of the truth.

Here’s the thing though… As comfortable as this lie might be, it’s doing you more harm by keeping you stuck over the past, or in an unhealthy situation. This lie is stopping you from moving forwards into a better way of life.

So my question to you is: What are you afraid to shine light on, & can you find the courage to face it?

With love,

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