The Power of Choice


Kiana Ng

Here’s the one thing that we never lose control over: our power of choice.

The most common form of powerlessness that I see, and have experienced personally, is forgetting the power of choice.

In every moment, we have the power to choose; how we react and respond, between yes and no, which direction we take, what food we eat, between fear and love, kindness vs. harm… I could go on.

We seem to have forgotten that we have the power of choice, no matter our circumstances. There’s a tendency to place so much weight on our external circumstances dictating how we live our lives and how we feel while doing it.

I’ve been in that place of victim-filled energy.

I’ve been in that place of allowing others to dictate how I feel.

I’ve been in that place of looking out for answers rather than looking in.

Depending on the situation, our power of choice can carry more weight and create more effect, but even if there’s nothing that you can do about your external circumstances, you have the power to choose how you feel about them and how you live your life while experiencing them.

Where in your life can you reclaim your power & take back control of how you’re living your life?

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