Why Yoga Is So Good For You


Kiana Ng

Ever wondered why yoga is so popular? It’s because yoga is so good for you! Keep reading to learn the benefits of yoga.

There are many reasons why you should practice yoga; from physical to mental to emotional & spiritual reasons why. For most of us, our reasoning for practicing is personal and unique to ourselves.

Here are a few reasons why yoga is so good for you (& some of the reasons why I practice!)…

Why Yoga Is So Good For You

  1. Increases range of motion & improves flexibility
  2. Increases mental focus & concentration
  3. Improves general well being
  4. Calms the mind & helps you remember presence, stillness, and peace
  5. Emotional and internal healing
  6. Strengthens the body and mental stamina
  7. Improves energy and vitality
  8. Improves posture
  9. Helps to improve your balance
  10. Invites in relaxation to your body & nervous system
  11. Releases tension and tightness
  12. Clears blockages (physically & emotionally)

Personally, I practice because I like the physical challenge & the internal healing done on my mat. The physical practice was the first thing that drew me to yoga because it took me back to my gymnast days. Now, I’m more about the meditative aspect of my practice that helps me heal & work through the parts of myself and my life that need to be cleansed.

Why do you practice? Share in the comments below!

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