Tips To Break Through Your Creative Block & Channel Your Creative Flow


Kiana Ng

I think that we’ve all experienced a creative block in one form or another… And it sucks! So how do you break through your creative blocks and channel your creative flow? Keep reading!

I can tell you that I’ve experienced creative blocks many times throughout my life. Some of these times include: sequencing for the yoga classes that I teach, writing these blog posts, and musical creativity.

It’s said creativity gets blocked because you’re too in your head rather than in your body and just letting the creative juices flow through you. Which I can agree with, but if it were as easy as “just letting the creative juices flow,” then no one would be having creative blocks!

There are different ways that can help you channel your creative flow and break through your creative blocks, here are a few of my favourite ways:

  • Spend some time in nature – Nothing is more grounding and inspiring than nature’s beauty. Getting outside can definitely spark some inspiration. Not only that, but it’s like hitting a refresh button!
  • Embrace your inner child – The inner child in you always likes to play! By tuning into your inner child, you can draw on it’s ability to play, let loose, and be creative in your approach.
  • Visualize the outcome – Visual yourself completing your area of focus. Visualizing success is a great way to focus your energy and inspire creativity. It also increases the chances for your to experience new creative ideas within your visualization.
  • Get physical – Do something physically active! Physical activity works your body and gets you out of your head for a while, especially physical activity involving water (helps to get the flow unstuck)! Also another great method that acts as a reset button.
  • Open your second chakra – Your sacral or second chakra is the home of your creativity. If it’s blocked, it might be hard for you to channel your creativity. A great way to balance and strengthen this chakra is to meditate with crystals (like Carnelian) while visualizing a ball of bright, orange light becoming steadily stronger right in your lower abdomen.

What’s your favourite way to break through your creative blocks and channel your creative flow? Share it with me in the comments!

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