Transform Your Wants Into Action


Kiana Ng

It’s one thing to have a desire, or a want. And it’s another thing to actually put in the work to transform your wants into action.

Manifesting your wants & desires requires some action on your part.

Here are a few steps you can take right now to transform your wants into action:

  1. Write out what it is that you want & get as specific as you can. What will it look like when it’s complete? How will you feel? Is there anyone involved? Where?
  2. What’s required to make this desire happen? Do you have all of the resources you need? If not, can you get the resources needed?
  3. Set a deadline for yourself. When would you like to see your desire manifest?
  4. Write out the steps that need to happen in order for you to achieve this desire.
  5. Schedule out these steps accordingly. What action steps can you take this week, this month, this year to work towards your desire?
  6. Get out there and take action!

When you decide to take action on your desires and get out there to do something about it, you’re already a lot more likely to attract it into your life because you’ve made a decisive decision about what you want. And when you have clarity on what you want, the law of attraction can bring it to you a lot more quickly.

What goal are you working towards? Comment below!

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