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I’ve spent a lot of time this month re-learning and re-connecting to what it means to have that deeply rooted sense of trust that all is well, and that I will be cared for and supported.

Finances can very easily take you into a seat of stress, especially when unforeseen expenses come up and leave you in the dust wondering where all the money’s gone. This is very true for me over these past couple of months as many expenses seemed to have popped up out of the blue. I could have let myself fall into that place of worry, doubt, anxiety and fear over the apparent lack that I was feeling, but instead I found myself coming back to a very deep sense of trust that everything is ok, that I have enough, that I will be provided for. I trusted in the fact that, when asked, I will be taken care of in whatever way this care manifested itself in my life. I’ve noticed over the course of my life that whenever I feel a financial lack and move into a place of trust where I trust in abundance to come my way, that it does. I’m not talking about suddenly winning the lottery over night, but it’s smaller, less obvious things such as an instructor being away for a month so I get to take on another class a week for the month. I’ve always had ENOUGH.

I believe in the law of attraction; the energy you give out, is the energy you get back. If I put out that energy of stress and worry, then I’ll find myself in a situation of not having enough, making me feel even worse. But when I come back to that grounded seat of trust in abundance coming my way, it opens me up to receive opportunities for this support.

So this month, I want you to notice your tendencies towards what energy you fall into. Maybe it’s not just your reactions to financial situations, but to other situations that you come into. Do you fall into stress and worry, victimizing yourself, or do you trust in the ability of the universe/higher power/whatever your beliefs to support you and provide for you what you need?

This month (& beyond), TRUST that is well.

With love,



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