Elephant Trunk Pose


Kiana Ng Yoga

Eka Hasta Bhujasana

I think you’ll see the resemblance…

Alignment Principles

  • Start in Sukhasana (Easy Pose)
  • Lift your right shin into your chest for Baby Cradle position
  • Take your right hand to the inside of the leg to hold the back of the right heel & take your left hand around the top of the foot to hold the pinky edge of the foot
  • Start to lift the leg/knee as high up the right shoulder as it will go
  • Once you have the leg up there, squeeze the upper arm/shoulder area with the leg to keep it from sliding down
  • Release the hands to plant on either side of your left thigh. The chest can lean slightly forwards here to help shift the centre of gravity, making it easier to lift up
  • Engage the core, press firmly down through the hands, and exhale to press the floor away as you lift the hips and leg off the ground

Prep. Poses:

  • Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)
  • Lizard Pose (Utthan Pristhasana)
  • Floating Dandasana
  • Pigeon (Rajakapotasana)
  • Baby Cradle


  • Place hands on block when lifting
  • Place straightened leg heel on block
  • Pulses with the straight leg
  • ADVANCED: Connect to other arm balances/poses: Compass to Elephant Trunk to 8 Angle to Flying Split

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