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There are many different styles of meditation. So if you haven’t found the one that works for you, check out the list below!

  1. Sense-Focused Meditation. This style of meditation involves turning your focus to any of your sense perceptions (smells, taste, touch, sight, noise). The most common are visual concentrations and breathing.
  2. Guided Meditation. This style of meditation involves listening to someone narrating and guiding you through your meditation as they cue you throughout. This is an excellent beginner option!
  3. Mantra Meditation. This style of meditation involves repeating a phrase or affirmation in between every inhale and exhale as the center of focus.
  4. Silent Meditation. This style usually is done by focusing on the breath without any other distractions.
  5. Walking Meditation. This style is done by mindfully walking while keeping your attention focused as to appreciate and experience everything present.

All of these styles of meditation can also have different focuses. For example, balancing the chakras, manifestation, intuition, etc.

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