Use This Technique To Uncover Your Truth


Kiana Ng

It’s so easy to get lost in the labels, names, and distinctions that the world places on us that we forget how to come back home to ourselves. That’s why I’m sharing this technique to uncover your truth.

Everyone has felt lost at some point in their lives, but even more so now with the increasing stress & pressure from society to fit in, belong, and therefore be a certain way. In the effort to try and please, fit in, and be accepted, we forget our own truth.

A great way to come back home to yourself and your truth is by stating the facts following the words, “My truth is…”

Let me give you an example of a few of my truths:

My truth is that sometimes I’m an introvert, and sometimes I’m an extrovert.

My truth is that I love self-healing and personal growth.

My truth is that I’m sensitive, although I might not always show it.

My truth is that I’m a teacher and giver at heart.

My truth is that I value self expression.

My truth is that I’m still learning how to be my true, authentic self all the time.

My truth is that I’ve spent a lot of my life finding my voice.

My truth is that I’m still finding my voice.

My truth is that I’m strong, independent, and powerful.

My truth is that I love peace, love, and beauty.


I could go on.

So when you do this exercise for yourself, I’m not talking about who you are based on the roles and names society’s given you (ex. yoga teacher, coach, mother, son, etc.). When you do this exercise, finish the sentence with who you really are at your core, what you’re learning about yourself, what your story is, or anything else that feels like an authentic truth to you.

So what’s your truth?

Drop your truth’s in the comments.

With love,

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