What To Do When Your Life's Spinning Out Of Control


Kiana Ng

Fear of the unknown is a common fear for many. It’s usually created when your life feels like it’s spinning out of control.

When life hits you with curveballs, it can make it difficult to see what lays ahead. When you can’t see the destination of something, it creates a fear of the unknown because it knocks you out of your safety net.

Your safety net is what holds everything that’s comfortable and familiar.

When life tries to take us on a path of uncertainty, we try to cling to anything we can that brings us a sense of that familiarity and comfort again. We fear the outcome of what could happen if we go down a path that doesn’t have a clear solution or direction.

When you get knocked out of your safety net, your anxiety gets triggered from all of the “What if’s?”. This is because we, as human beings, don’t like not knowing! So naturally, unexpected curveballs, situations, or paths with unknown outcomes create the endless mental loop of fear and “What if’s?”.

Next time you find yourself falling into fear over the unknown and unable to loosen your grip on the things that make you feel comfortable & safe, try this:

Take a step back and let the universe lead the way.

When you consciously choose to take a step back and place your trust in the universe to lead the way, it immediately shifts you into a place where you can loosen your grip. Sometimes loosening your grip takes time and practice, but trusting in the universe’s plan & power to allow everything to work out will alleviate the fear and stress that comes up in unforeseen situations.

Are you struggling with anything right now that you just can’t seem to let go of or find peace with? Book a FREE 30 min. discovery call with me here so that we can work through it and figure out how you can loosen your grip.

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