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Move your body. Free your soul.

My Mission

My mission is to lead you through the practices of yoga and other movement techniques, to help you explore your body, mind, and soul.

yoga teacher

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Ever since my first job, my path was aligned with teaching and helping others…

The first job that I ever had was coaching gymnastics. At the time, I was entering high school and realized that I needed to find a job. Coaching gymnastics logically made sense to me as I had trained competitively for many years, even competing at the national level.

Within only 3 years, I managed to coach gymnastics recreationally and competitively with my slew of dancers and other gymnasts that I trained privately. I completed my level 3 gymnastics training and learned a whole lot about how the body moves, and how to work with different bodies. This took me into coaching gymnastics for 10+ years.

Coaching gymnastics was the first step for me in finding my voice as a coach, teacher, and mentor. I fell in love with it, but eventually I began to feel like something was missing…

Shortly after I experienced this feeling, I was introduced to yoga. The first class that I ever took was in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Most would think that it was love at first sight, but it wasn’t! It was hot, challenging, and an interesting experience to say the least! It pulled me in.

Over the course of the year following, my practice grew to multiple times a week and I couldn’t get enough of it! This led me into taking my 200-hour yoga teacher training at iGita Yoga Studio in 2015, and eventually completing my E-RYT 200As soon as I started my yoga teacher training, I knew that that was where I was supposed to be.

Practicing and teaching yoga became my heart and soul. It filled me with purpose, passion, and excitement to be able to share this practice with others. It took me deep into myself and expanded my spiritual practice to include daily meditation. My training widened my knowledge and understanding of the body, as well as my ability to lead others using my voice.

Becoming a yoga teacher was also the start of my entrepreneurial path. I began saying yes to any teaching opportunity that would take me until I eventually turned yoga into my full time job within a short time frame of 1.5 years. Over the years, I took more yoga-specific trainings from handstands to yin. And within another couple of years, I was able to climb my way up to leading retreats, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings around the world, including being able to teach yoga and coach handstands to students from all over the globe.

As I continued to finesse my teachings, I was also eventually guided to create my very own signature yoga class, Body To Soul Flow.

Body To Soul Flow was designed to help you explore your body, mind, and soul to grow your physical and spiritual practice.

To learn more about my Body To Soul Flow class, including its levels and pillars, click here.

Now officially an international yoga teacher, handstand trainer, and gymnastics coach, I have 10+ years of coaching gymnastics and handstands with 6+ years teaching yoga, landing me at my E-RYT 200.

My biggest passion is helping students advance their practice, learn new skills (especially handstand), and experience growth in their movement practice.

My teachings incorporate a mix of handstands and inversions, creative and challenging yoga-based sequencing suitable for all levels, and a mix of strength, mobility, and flexibility-based postures to prepare you for more advanced skills and postures. To practice with me, you can choose from any of my offerings: 1:1 yoga and handstand training, retreats, as well as live and pre-recorded classes, workshops, and programs that can be found on my online studio, Body To Soul Movement.

I hope that I can help you move your body and heal your soul!

If you want to start your yoga, handstand, and movement journey with me now, click here to join my online studio, Body To Soul Movement.

With so much love,

Kiana Ng

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