Studio Schedule


5:45-6:45pm EST: Flow L1/2 at NU yoga

8:15-9:15pm EST: Sweat Strength Soul at NU yoga


9:15-10:15am EST: Hatha Flow at Lifetime Mississauga


9-10am EST: Flow L1/2 at NU yoga

Online Classes

Forearm Freedom Flow

Wrists need a break? Spend your entire practice off your hands in this flow!

Core Synergy

Fire up your core and hone in on how to properly engage your core centre. In this practice, expect a full-body challenge as you move through core-centred hip openers, upper body strength builders, and more.

Yin/Yang Flow

Get a full body flow & stretch in as you practice back bends, side bends, twists, and forward folds. This practice is designed to open up the body, so expect a dynamic flow focused around active flexibility before you settle into a deep yin-style stretch.

Inverted Ladder Flow

Do you love going upside down in your practice? Stack movements together in this ladder sequence until you end up with a complete flow. In this practice, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to get upside down, including handstand, headstand, forearm stand, and more!

Spinal Fluidity

Learn how to create fluidity in the spine as you explore movements that will open your heart and differentiate the areas of your spine.

Stabilize & Mobilize Your Hips

In this hip-focused class, expect to move fast and continuously as you explore movements that’ll guide you deep into the pelvis as you mobilize and stabilize the hip joint, while creating deeper range of motion and flexibility.

Flow To Crow

Build strength through this core-centred vinyasa flow practice that peaks in Crow pose. Move through hip openers, and shoulder and core strength builders, before taking flight and exploring one of the most fundamental arm balances in yoga.

Find Your Centre

In this fast-paced world, we often lose sight of our centre and forget how to come back to it. Mental loops, stress, anxiety, and other triggers often pull us away from our centre. This meditation is intended to guide you back and leave you with techniques that you can always use whenever you feel knocked off your centre.

Fundamentals of Flow

If you’re new to flow, this practice is great as it will give you a strong foundation of the poses most commonly seen in a flow class. Move at a slower pace to settle into the correct alignment of each pose before moving on. Through traditional sun salutations, standing postures, balancing poses, and more, you’ll open up the full body.

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